Court House in Osuna

Client: Junta de Andalucia
Location: Osuna, Sevilla, Spain
Status: 1st Prize Competition. Stage 4 completed.​
In partnership with OPR and RoomZ

We were commissioned by the Andalusian government to sensitively restore and convert a listed Mansion into a Court.

The Court House has been integrated within a collection of buildings including the 16th-18th Century Cepeda’s Mansion, the neoclassic ancillary development at the back and the 20th century residential houses next to the Mansion.

The primary challenge of this project was on how to stitch all of the buildings together into a coherent whole. Particularly as it was essential to integrate all the elements of the new and existing buildings while maintaining a clear distinction between the historic fabric and the new additions.

Meeting the challenging functional demands of the Court Service, with complex internal reorganisation, at the same time as creating a Court House that was notable for the comfort of its spaces, the light and environmental quality of the different areas and a high-quality workplace have been essential requirements observed throughout the development of this projects.