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We design healthy and sustainable buildings and interiors that are comfortable, functional, efficient, and beautiful.

A well-designed home, workplace, shop… should provide a safe, healthy, comfortable and stimulating environment and help to improve satisfaction and productivity of its users.

We offer free 30 minutes design consultations to discuss ideas for designing or renovating your home or business space.

Health & Wellbeing 

We believe that design and architecture should improve the quality of people’s lives.

Individual approach 

We understand our client’s specific needs and only design what works better for them. 

Adding Value

We create efficient spaces and find the right prices in order to assure our clients’ ROI.

Design for health and Wellbeing

Design for health and Wellbeing

Mara Bravo is a WELL AP accredited professional which signifies knowledge in human health and wellness in the built environment, and specialisation in the WELL Building Standard.

Selected projects

Who are we?

We are an international architectural and design practice based in London.

Our goal is to help our clients and stakeholders achieve their aspirations and visions by creating spaces that enhance and enable them to excel at their place.

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you have a project you want to talk about or want to know what else can we do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us